best things to do on ecr

Things to Do On East Coast Road (ECR) From Chennai to Pondicherry

Chennai’s East Coast Road, which is built along the Bay of Bengal, is considered to be a very scenic route and is often used as a getaway from the city to places like Pondicherry and Mahabalipuram. However, it is often thought of as not just a place to be but to experience a whole bunch of things in-between. This includes adventures, temples and basically viewing heritage. Here are lists of few things you can do apart from experiencing the beautiful ride down the East Coast Road (ECR) which is scenic and soothing for the ride; and also is a great place to stop and experience all it has to offer. Keep Reading

Budget Hotels Pondicherry

25 Finest Budget Hotels To Stay in Pondicherry

Affectionately called Pondy, Pondicherry is the capital city and the largest city of the Indian union territory of Puducherry. It is driving distance from Chennai and is often considered a great getaway from the capital city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It is situated in Puducherry District. This city is an ideal weekend getaway and has many historic places to visit.

If you are looking to travel to Pondy, go ahead and check out any of these options for budget hotels to stay in Pondicherry. Keep Reading

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15 Best Beach Resorts to Stay in Pondicherry

#1 Dunes Eco Village and Spa:

Spread across 35 Acres of land, located on the East Coast Road, this is a beautiful beachfront property. This beautiful resort contains 5 bungalows each with a unique design. Focusing on organic living, the place is not just serene but also has a Spa that can touch your heart and soul. What’s more, relax in the sea with Ayurvedic body treatments and watch the artistic program. Keep Reading

10 Must Do Adventurous Activities in Pondicherry

Pondicherry is a great destination for all kinds of adventurous activities. This place brings together adventure, serenity, and peace all in one place. It is a beach town that has many options for your peace and calms like the Aurobindo Ashram and multiple churches, has beautiful sites with French influence, and also is a host to many options for adventures. Here is a limited list of 10 must do adventurous activities in Pondicherry. October to February is considered the ideal time to go to Pondicherry, for a weekend getaway to eat great food, walk the streets to see the beautiful architecture and ensure that you try out the adventure options. Keep Reading

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Best Time To Visit Pondicherry

A beautiful scenic tropical place just 170 Kms from Chennai in the south of the country, is a great place to rejuvenate. Whether you want to travel with friends, family or on your own this should be your go-to-place. The coastal city is great for all kinds of people despite what your interest is. Pondicherry has great restaurants, beautiful architecture, both French and Indian, grand temples and churches, and you could be surprised by the wonderful Pondicherry hospitality. The Aurobindo Ashram is in Pondicherry and not so far away is Auroville. It sprawls along the Bay of Bengal, with calming beaches along the way to see and hang out in. Keep Reading


20 Vegetarian Restaurants in Pondicherry

Pondicherry or Puducherry as it is called now is a beautiful place with awesome beaches. There are lot of places to visit in Pondicherry, go there if you want to get your taste of the French. But for you vegetarians that feel you will be left behind in this awesome union territory of India because of its French influence and sea side cuisine that includes different kind of sea food. Here is a list of 20 vegetarian places you can visit when you are there. In my last 10 visits to Pondicherry I have attempted all of these vegetarian restaurants listed below: Keep Reading


31 Amazing Places to Visit In and Around Pondicherry

Located in the south-eastern part of Tamil Nadu, India, Pondicherry is the best bet for weekend gateways if you reside in south India. This quaint little place is the largest and capital city of the Indian union territory of Puducherry. Fondly known as Pondy, the French colony of India has preserved the French legacy since 1954 and offers everything from beautiful beaches to delicious food and adventure activities. This French Riviera of East has maintained its old-world charm and will give you a sense of the French culture at its best! Keep Reading